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Sona Analytics is a recognised leading provider of specialised ESG and Sustainability Risk Management decision support tools and
services for the local and global business community. Our objective is to redefine the notion of organisational success, prioritizing
long-term impact over immediate gains, and setting a new course for a future in which businesses thrive in harmony with society
and the environment.

Having successfully launched the Sona Sustainability Credit Score System (SSCSS) in 2021, we have gained invaluable insights into
the (benefits and barriers to) adoption of ESG and Sustainability practices by companies globally.

Our team are passionate about making a positive change in the world and have a wealth of experience in all the relevant areas
directly related to this work which includes ESG consulting, climate change mitigation, sustainability analytics, risk management,
social impact and community building to mention a few.

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Sona Capital, the Corporate Finance division of Sona Analytics, stands as a leading provider of Corporate Finance Consulting services and specialised ESG and Sustainability Risk Management tools.

We offer comprehensive investment solutions such as fund formation, leveraged acquisitions, and structured investments. With expertise from global investment banks and private equity firms, our
team excels in investment sourcing, analysis, and risk management.

Our track record demonstrates our ability to bring well-structured transactions to capital markets, providing valuable, bespoke services to drive real value.

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Sona Analytics is more than just a name. It is a set of values, attributes, and design principles that reflects the spirit of our company.

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Sona Analytics Press Pack


“The Generalized Sustainability Credit Rating System” by Rodrigo Zeidan and Seye Onabolu

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