ESG Consulting Services

‘Innovating Sustainability Strategies’

Sustainable Solutions, Beyond Compliance

ESG Services

  • ESG Advisory: Developing an ESG Strategy towards becoming a sustainable business.
  • Climate Change and Decarbonisation: Understanding climate risk and accelerating decarbonisation plans.
  • Economic and Social Development: Measuring Impact and enabling companies to grow in an equitable way.
  • ESG Assurance & Audit: Advising on the ESG auditing as part of a leadership agenda.
  • ESG Tax and Legal Services: Advising on ESG Tax and Regulatory matters.
  • Sustainable Finance: Ensuring the right ESG finance decisions for lenders, investors, borrower, and insurers.
Ethical, Social, Green: Our ESG Expertise

What we do

Sona Analytics is a recognised leading provider of specialised ESG and Sustainability Risk Management decision support tools and services. Our company has a rich history of delivering cutting-edge ESG and sustainability solutions.

Our objective is to redefine the notion of organisational success, prioritizing long-term impact over immediate gains, and setting a new course for a future in which businesses thrive in harmony with society and the environment.

Empowering Sustainability Through Expertise and Insight

Core Competencies

Extensive Experience in ESG Consulting
Years of ESG experience ensure meaningful impact.

Specialized ESG and Sustainability Risk Management
Specialised expertise ensures robust risk management.

Expertise in Global ESG Reporting Frameworks
Including SASB, ISSB, TCFD, CSRD, and GRI among others.

Implementing ESG Best Practices Globally
Implementing universal ESG operational excellence.

Expertise in Climate Change Mitigation
Proficiency in addressing climate change challenges.


Diverse Participation in ESG Projects

Past Transactions

Oil and gas: Comprehensive risk management services.
Mining company: ESG reporting framework guidance.
Financial institution: ESG reporting framework support.
Tech start-up: ESG consulting and strategy development.
Transportation company: Social impact advisory services.
Technology company: Social impact advisory services.
Retail chain: Sustainability risk analysis and management.
Global manufacturing: Sustainability analytics and insights.
Renewable energy: Risk management for sustainability.
Tourism company: Climate change mitigation strategies facilitation.